Moravian Firsts

*  The Moravian Church is the oldest Protestant Church.

*  Moravians published the first Protestant Hymnal.

*  Moravians were the first to translate the Bible from the original Hebrew and Greek into the language of the people.

*  Bishop John Amos Comenius (1592-1670) is known as “the father of Modern Education,” and Moravians led the way in the education of children of both sexes.

*  For many years the Renewed Church was the standard bearer of the Protestant Mission Movement. Though all our provinces around the world are now Home Provinces, Moravians in America still support Christian missions of all kinds at home and aboard.

*  Count Zinzendorf has been called “the Ecumenical Pioneer.” Since the time of Zinzendorf, Moravians have sought the Christian unity for which Jesus prayed in John 17, when he said, “May they all be one.”  Though decidedly evangelical in spirit, the Moravian Church is a broad church in its desire to include all Christians in its circle of brothers and sisters.

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